Why can PopPling help you?

A web portal and a mobile application to create customised events, collect and manage content, with or without interaction with social networks.
Engage your attendees by live-streaming the posts of your guests on TV, web sites, video wall…

Casa Cuba: Entertainment Case Study

Casa Cuba is one of the most popular disco in Sicily
Casa Cuba choose PopPling

PopPling is the mobile application choose by Casa Cuba to interact with and involve its guests during a crazy night (6th September 2014).

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If you want to take a photo of yourselves with your smartphone, you are talking about “selfie”. Even the prestigious Oxford Dictionary introduced it as word of the year 2013.
Before the smartphone boom there were cameras, but they were not always handy and anyway they could not show a live image like the reflection of a mirror.

From the American President, to Queen Elisabeth II to the Pope, nobody is spared.
Everyone now takes a snap shot, posing with friends, which has then been published and tagged on social network.


Key requirements
Guests involvement and social interaction are critical during entertainment, because they are a great way to promote an event and extend the business opportunities.

After a  good social campaign, Casa Cuba decided to use new technologies to enable new real-time interactions.

So Casa Cuba decided to make its guests the star of the event!

The approach
PopPling support team prepared commercial material and gadget to let the users download the app and guarantee the moderation. We provided the support to the organization to let them achieve the results to interact with their audience.

During the event, we were able to monitor the time line and the statistics to better understand how the application was performing and how it was influencing the attendees’ interaction.

The result
PopPling lets every attendee check in and share contents (i.e. comments, photos, questions,…) during the event. Users can login after registering also using social networks.

Using our Wallypop, guests’ content were live-streamed during the event, at the venue.

To achieve these results, we also:

  • created a banner to communicate how to use PopPling and facilitate download;
  • supported our customer to better use the platform;
  • customized some steps to better support the event.

Who hasn’t ever posed in front of,or made faces at the mirror in the privacy of our homes. The only difference is that today our vane poses can be immortalized and shared, because others can see us as we see ourselves in the mirror.

PopPling brings social media into live events, encouraging the guests to share their contents and let them be the star of the event!.

See our best pictures during the event!

So this year, with PopPling,
Casa Cuba can make its events even more exciting!