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Merck Sharp & Dohme: 3rd Annual meeting – Rome

We are proud to be the social application of
3rd Annual meeting of Merck Sharp & Dohme Italy 2014
A corporate event organized by one of the TOP EMPLOYERS 2014

PopPling is the mobile application choose by Merck Sharp & Dohme Italy to interact with and involve the employees during the 3rd Annual meeting in Rome (1st-5th September 2014).

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Mobile devices are changing our world and our way of doing traditional businesses, even during corporate events.

Key requirements
Employees involvement and social interaction are a high priority on Merck Sharp & Dohme Italy list, because they are a great way to promote an event and reach corporate objectives.

A good social strategy can be critical before and after the event. Merck Sharp & Dohme Italy realized its employees’ audience had fundamentally changed, while new technologies enable new interactions.

That’s why Merck Sharp & Dohme Italy choose PopPling as the social application on iPhone and iPad to let its employees participate in real time and interact during the event.

The approach
Our role was twofold. PopPling team analysed user general requirements, then designed and implemented additional feature to better satisfy key requirements.

We held several contacts with Merck Sharp & Dohme to fully understand the requirements – a key part of our process when planning new client implementations.
Our next step was to define technical and functional specifications to guide the implementation.

We created a first environment where the customer was able to trial the solution for a while. The Wallypop was customized to allow the client to access the contents, while filtering according to specific criterias. Finally, we created the event and we get ready to support our customer during the event, providing technical and functional help, but also moderating the contents.

The result
PopPling lets every attendee check in and share contents (i.e. comments, photos, questions,…) during the event. Users can login after registering.

Before the event, each employee used  PopPling  to be in touch with the organization and find the venue. During the event, each employee used PopPling to share contents and vote the best picture, comment or question to the Managing Director.
The access to this platform was easy: just download PopPling from Apple Store and log in!

Using our Wallypop, guests’ content were live-streamed during the event, at the venue.

To achieve these results, we also:

  • created a set of flyers to communicate how to use PopPling;
  • supported our customer to better use the platform;
  • customized some steps to better support the event.

PopPling brings social media into live events, encouraging the guests to share their contents and let them be the star of the event!.

See our best pictures during the event!

So this year, with PopPling,
the Merck Sharp & Dohme’s employees can take
pictures, post comments and enjoy this fantastic event!

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