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A web portal and a mobile application to create customised events, collect and manage content, with or without interaction with social networks.
Engage your attendees by live-streaming the posts of your guests on TV, web sites, video wall…

Splendours of the Commonwealth 2014

Splendours of the Commonwealth 2014 is an unforgettable occasion of global fashion, entertainment and fund raising.

We have been pleased to support
Splendours of the Commonwealth 2014
A dazzling charity fund raising event organized by CCLEF
at the start of London Fashion Week 2014

PopPling is the mobile application choose by Splendours of the Commonwealth 2014 to interact with and involve the guests during the event.

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PopPling is the turn-key solution to socializing brands or enterprises.
PopPling lets every attendee check in and share posts during the event.
Users can login using their Facebook account or after registering.

Before the event, PopPling can be used to be in touch with the organization and find the venue.
During the event, use PopPling to share contents and vote the best picture!
Just download PopPling from your favorite market and log in!


Using our Wallypop, guests’ content were live-streamed during the event, at the venue and on the Splendours of the Commonwealth 2014 website (www.splendoursofthecommonwealth.com).

PopPling brings social media into live events, encouraging the guests to share their contents.

It’s true!
A picture is worth a thousand words!

So this year, all guests were able to take pictures, post comments and enjoy this fantastic event!

See the contents in streaming from Splendours of the Commonwealth
since the first days of the London Fashion Week 2014.
We love seeing our screens up and full of your photos!

Download the media pack published by Splendours of the Commonwealth. They present PopPling! Check out also what Marie Claire says on this event.

Below some photos taken before and during the event, where you can see the stage and PopPling in action.

Splendours of the Commonwealth 2014 is organized by
Commonwealth Countries League Education Fund
Registered Charity No. 1048908


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