Una Social Media strategy aiuta il successo!

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Are you planning your next big event?
Social media will be surely a high priority on your list, because it will be a great way to promote your event and reach your objectives.
A good social media strategy can be critical before and after the event to share photos and contents.

Why don’t you define a social media strategy that can boost your event since you announce it until the last person walks out the door?
Here are four tips that we are sure can give your event the boost you are looking for.

1. First of all, photos!
Include an event photographer in your staff or choose somebody of your staff with a camera or even collect your attendees photos via social networks, but these contents are important for your social media strategy.
All you need is a guy with a digital camera or a good smartphone and the willingness to snap photos.
Well, send your event photos out via social media and let your attendees “retweet”, “share” or “like” them.

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2. Challenge your guests!
Everybody posts photos and comments on social networks.
Everybody wants to share what they are doing with the rest of their contacts, even during a corporate event.
Have you heard about “Gamification”?
According to Gabe Zicherman, “Gamification is the process of using game thinking and mechanics to engage an audience and solve problems”.
Gamification is not a game, it deals about applying game based thinking to your brand, business or organisation.
So, why not organize a game during your event, a live photo contest?
The objective of this activity is simple: to get as many people as possible sharing photos from the event and to enhance the attendees experience!
If you want to ensure the success of a live photo contest, all you have to do is offer a prize to the winner, like a gift card or some other cool gift to the person who receives the most “likes” on a photo from the event.

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3. Take the most from social networks!
Twitter, Facebook, Google can let every attendee see what others are saying about the event in real time.
Why not use these contents to boost your event?
A platform able to collect contents using hashtags and to stream them in realtime, let people see what is happening in the “here and now.”
This is much more effective than reading tweets and posts several hours after they are relevant.
Plus, when people see that other attendees are posting contents about the event, they are pushed to do the same – especially if there is an opportunity for them to communicate with other guests or if they can get a prize.

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So, use a #Hashtag, make sure it is unique to your event and put it everywhere (i.e. marketing material, website, videos, flyers, …).
If nobody knows about the #Hashtag nobody is going to use it.
But if they use it, they will follow the event (even if they are not able to attend) and they will access event-related contents.

4. Live stream contents in your website and in your venue during the event!
Use a video wall, a TV screen, a monitor or a projector to live stream your attendee’s contents, but take the best from your guest’s hedonism and self-love.
That’s why the “selfies” are so popular!
People get excited about sharing photos of themselves as well as others.
Use this insane attitude to build your advantage.
You may not think this is a big deal, but once you see how excited people get when they see their photo on the screen you will realize that you are playing the right game.

Even if you only implement one of the ideas above, you may be surprised of the results.
But if you use products, like PopPling, designed to achieve these objectives and support the entire process, you will touch the power of a social media strategy.

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